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Look InsideLanguage Arts Correlations Reader's Theater Despite practice and repetition, Zippy the Zebra cannot win a race. His body is skinny and his legs are very short. His friends encourage him to find other things to do, but Zippy likes to run. So Zippy keeps running, hoping that next time he will do better. Social and emotional learning concepts include hope, optimism, and perseverance. 

The MySELF Bookshelf series is a delightful collection of illustrated stories that encourage social awareness, self-worth, and strong relationships with family and friends. These have been found to be key components in developing social and emotional learning skills at a young age. Children need to value themselves before they can truly value others. The stories in the self-worth set help children to make good decisions, to be confident, and to cope with fear, anger, sadness or negative feelings. Internationally recognized early reading author Joy Cowley served as the language arts consultant on this series designed to help develop social and emotional learning through thoughtful text and beautiful illustration. Each book contains a note to caregivers, a  story coaching letter, and an online reader’s theater.  Aligns with Common Core Language Arts Anchor Standards for Language Arts while teaching social and emotional learning concepts. 

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    JiYu Kim
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"Zippy, an adorable little zebra, was born to run. He has it in his DNA. Unfortunatly he has never won a race. He practices and hangs in there but his body is skinny and his legs are very short. Does he give up? Absolutely not. He may not be the frontrunner but he loves the sport too much to quit. His friends feel bad for him and try to encourage him to try other things that he may be good at and therefore achieve success, but Zippy will have none of it.....running it is.

He becomes a role-model of "Hope". He runs because it gives him so much joy and happiness inside and who knows, maybe next time he will win. He shows others that it is ok to do something you love just because it feels so exhilarating and gives you satisfaction and deep-down contentment in your heart. He encourages others not to get discouraged and withdraw from their passion because they did not take first place. He inspires others to press on, run that race.... but just for the fun of it!!

This book includes social and emotional learning concepts of hope, optimism and perseverance. The book wisely includes tips for caregivers and story coaching. A Reader's Theatre version is available so children can benefit from dramatic interpretation.

The illustrations are vibrant, colourful and quirky. I like them a lot. The Myself Bookshelf series is an amazing series of stories that encourage social awareness, self-worth, and strong relationships with family and friends. I highly recommend this book."

Marilyn P., NetGalley, October 2014

"This adorable picture book teaches a valuable lesson without being didactic and over the top. Zippy is a zebra who always comes in last place in races, no matter how much he practices. But Zippy never gives up because he loves to run. He always hope he will get better and gives hope to everyone around him. The book will delight adults and children."

Bridgette J., NetGalley, October 2014

"I was afraid this was going to be a horribly obvious uplifting book with a clichéd happy ending. Fortunately (although it did have a happy ending), it wasn't the ending I was expecting. I really enjoyed the book. I love Zippy's enthusiasm and the way he encourages the others. I liked the pictures, too. Best of all, I think the kids will like this book, just as much as I did."

Allison D., NetGalley, October 2014

"This is a great story about trying to succeed and how we measure success. Zippy loves to run, but is not very good at it. He runs because he loves it, not because he feels he has to win every race. What a wonderful lesson for society. We should all be more like Zippy. Not only is the story a great lesson, but the artwork is fun and supports the story well. Sometimes books with this kind of lesson have very dull illustrations that are not engaging. Definitely not the case here! This book is part of the Myself Bookshelf series which deals with social and emotional issues. I will look for other titles in this series to help address these issues with my students. Recommends this book."

L Schwarzman, NetGalley, October 2014

"This is an inspirational tale of Zippy the Zebra who loves running...How the story could be used to encourage children to persevere and have hope is suggested after the story. This book is one of a series that is designed to support children's social emotional learning in an endeavour to "promote not only self-awareness, responsibility, positive relationships, but also academic achievement." It is a delightful story, beautifully illustrated and could easily be used in the suggested ways to help children learn that "if at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again!" Recommends this book.

Elaine B., NetGalley, October 2014

"Zippy kept trying to race even though he never won. The important thing for him was to try and he enjoyed running. The pictures are wonderful and this is a wonderful book for young children." Strongly recommends this book.

Adrian K., NetGalley, October 2014

"I teach special education at a small elementary school. I have been teaching special education for 4 years now as a second career. It is not easy work--I work with students who have emotional/behavioral disorders...

To this end, I believe Zippy the Runner would be a helpful book. Zippy, the main character, has to press on and on, keep practicing, keep running--keep trying. What I like best is that at the end of the book Zippy has no yet succeeded, but neither has Zippy quit trying. This, in my opinion, is what is key to this story.

I also like the artwork very much. I believe the illustrator did a brilliant job composing art for the pages--even though what I saw on the digital version didn't render very well on my Adobe Digital Editions (I didn't even download this to my NOOK so I'm not sure how it rendered on that device.) Still, I loved what I saw. And if the truth must be told, I will say that if a children's book as good artwork, it will usually fly with kids--and with me. I love the illustrations.

The end of the book features a Reader's Theater idea which can be found here and some curriculum ideas for using the book in the classroom. The reader's theater is a bit short, but may be helpful in lower grades. The curriculum idea is a fun little art project that the students will likely enjoy as well.

This is a book I will incorporate into my classroom and one that I think my students will enjoy. I enjoyed very much and I will look forward to reading more from this author and, perhaps, from Norwood Press House books in the MySELF Bookshelf Series."Strongly recommends this book.

Jerry H., NetGalley, October 2014
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