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Look Inside Money flows around the world as countries buy and sell from each other. It looks different, has different names, and different values. So how do we really know what money is? Can we trust it? Discusses foreign currency exchange, international trade, world wealth and world poverty in an easy to understand, accessible manner. Chapters include information on the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, The G7 and various charitable organizations throughout the world. Includes a table of contents, glossary, index, websites and books for further information, and discussion questions.
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    One-to-One, 2 Year Unlimited, 5 Year Unlimited, Unlimited Access, Hardcover Book
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    How Money Works
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    Global economics
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    Gerry Bailey and Felicia Law

Talking about money can be difficult, even for adults, but it is essential if one is to become financially independent and economically savvy. Using simple language in short, labeled paragraphs, this series contextualizes the way money works in communities, households, and the world at large, demonstrating that monetary issues don’t exist in a vacuum. The authors delineate what countries, states, and cities spend money on, such as social programs, education, housing, and healthcare, and who is responsible for making broad financial decisions. The series also explains factors that affect families, such as budgets, credit, loans, insurance, taxes, rent, and much more, in an accessible way. Colorful, simply drawn graphics enhance the text, and helpful graphs and charts are employed to add perspective and illustrate more abstract concepts. VERDICT A comprehensive start to getting students to think about money and become responsible spenders and savers.

School Library Journal/Series Made Simple, November 2015

The format of this book is very pleasing to the eye. Each page compels the reader to go on to the next. The information is factual, so students can easily understand the each new premise before moving on to the next.
Netgalley user, December 2015

It explains all of the concepts well without overcomplicating things or talking down to kids. It covered every topic that I can think of, and balanced pros and cons. It’s a great book! 5/5 Stars
Netgalley user, October 2015

World Money gives a ton of great information, beginning with the history of money and continuing with how the world uses money in today's world. The book gives a decent breadth and depth, without being over kids' heads. In conjunction with the other books in the series, World Money will give students a thorough knowledge of money and economics in today's world. 4/5 Stars
Netgalley user, October 2015