Team Spirit Extras

Team Spirit Extra Website

Read the book and then get additional information and updates with TEAM SPIRIT EXTRA WEBSITES! Each TEAM SPIRIT, BIG PICTURE SPORTS, and FIRST TOUCH SOCCER book is connected to a website that provides more team information, stats and updates! TEAM SPIRIT EXTRA serves as a young reader’s ticket to exclusive web pages—with more stories, fun facts, team records, and photos of the sports teams they love. Content is updated during and after each season. These pages also enable readers to send comments and letters to the author!


Nonfiction Sports Books

From Norwood House Press’ popular TEAM SPIRIT series to BIG PICTURE SPORTS, and the new FIRST TOUCH SOCCER, Norwood House Press’ popular non-fiction sports books by renowned author Mark Stewart are popular fan favorites. Features include team history, legendary players, greatest moments, the stadium, records, maps, timelines and more. Take a look at these well reviewed series.