Teachers' Notes

Norwood House Press is excited to announce the availability of our Teachers' Notes! These free, ready-to-print resources are listed below and correspond with many of our Classroom titles. They include objectives, puzzles, and investigation questions to ask students before, during, and after the reading. Continue checking back for more Teachers' Notes as we create them!

Astro the Alien Learns About Emotions - NEW!

Dear Dragon Developing Readers - NEW!

STEM Superstars - NEW!

Tech Bytes - NEW!

Astro the Alien Visits Animals Around the World

A Great Idea

Tech Bytes

Dear Dragon - Teachers' Notes for ALL Dear Dragon titles

Easy Stories (individual notes for each title)

Away Go the Boats
The Baby Bunny
The Ball Book
The Birthday Car
Circus Fun
City Fun
Come Play with Me
The Cow that Got Her Wish
Fun Days
The Funny Ride
A House for Little Red
I Like Things
Let's Have a Play
The Little Cowboy and the Big Cowboy
Little Puff
The Little Runaway
The Magic Nutcracker
Play Ball
The Purple Pussycat
The Snow Baby
Take a Walk, Johnny
Up, Up, and Away
What am I?
What Is It?
Who Goes to School?
Why We Have Thanksgiving
The Witch Who Went for a Walk
The Yellow Boat

Fairy Tales and Folklore (individual notes for each title)

The Boy and the Goats
Cinderella at the Ball
The Cookie House
Four Good Friends
The Funny Baby
The Little Cookie
Little Red Riding Hood
The Magic Beans
Not I, Not I
The Three Bears
The Three Goats
The Three Little Pigs
Tom Thumb

Great Debates (individual notes for each title)

Church and State
The Fight for Freedom
Lethal Weapons
New Americans
Our Military

iMath SeriesPDF for all 30 books (individual notes for each title)

Herding a Hundred: Counting the Sheep
Picnic Fun: Hot Dog Operations
On the Playground: How Do You Build Place Value?
Look for Them: Where Are the Shapes?
Time Ticks By: How Do You Read a Clock?
Carnival Coins: How Will We Count Our Money?
Toy Tally: How Many Toys Are There?
Ship Shape: Making Shapes Fly
Tending the Tide Pool: The Parts Make a Whole
A Day at Mini-Golf: What’s the Length?
The Mystery Beetle: What's Multiplying?
Mummies in the Library: Divide the Pages
Ivy Sue Needs A House: Building with Equivalent Fractions
Pools to Ponds: Area, Perimeter, and Capacity
Looking for Blackbeard's Treasure: Measuring the Distance
Space Adventures: Where Does the Time Go?
Start the Game: Geometry in Sport
Seeing Halves: Symmetry in Our World
A Toy Store Summer: Finding Area 
Football Numbers: Graphing Data 
Winning the Game: Putting Miles in Their Place
Stir It Up: Mixing Decimals
Save Now, Buy Later: Finding Unit Prices
The Garden Club: Operations with Fractions
Field of Play: Measuring Distance, Rate, and Time
Hidden Ducks: Describing and Interpreting Data
Finding the Treasure: Coordinate Grids
Designer Digs: Finding Area and Surface Area
A Year at the Fairgrounds: Finding Volume

The Science Olympiad: Proportions and Ratios

Indivisible: Poems for Social Justice

iScience SeriesPDF for all 30 books (individual notes for each title)

Air and Weather: Where's My Hat Go?
Animal Needs: Who's New at the Zoo?
Balance and Motion: Toying with Gravity
Earth Materials: The Mystery Rocks
Environments: Beetles in the Garden
Fabric: It's Got You Covered
Food and Nutrition: Eating to Win
Human Body: Train it Right
Insects: Which One Doesn't Belong?
Landforms: The Ever-changing Earth
Levers and Pulleys: Lift Anything!
Living Systems: Life's Inside Story
Magnetism and Electricity: The Broken Toy Car
Matter and Energy: Finding the Power
Measurement: The Measured Mystery
Mixtures and Solutions: The Sugar in the Tea
Models and Designs: It's a Roller Coaster Ride!
New Plants: Seeds in the Soil Patch
Paper from Wood: Dollhouse Decisions
Patterns and Textures: Who Took the Pets?
Pebbles, Sand, & Silt: The Neighbor's Garden
Solar Energy: Saving the School Budget
Solids and Liquids: Who Messed Up My Sand?
Sound: Music to Our Ears
Structures of Life: What is this Fossil?
Sun, Moon, and Stars: A Cosmic Case
Trees: Worlds within Leaves
Variables and Experiments: Getting Across the River
Water: Watch it Change
Weather and the Water Cycle: Will it Rain?

Language Builders

Poetry Builders

Second Nature (individual notes for each title)

The Air Out There: How Clean is Clean?
Clear Choices: The Water You Drink
Extreme Environments: Living on the Edge
Man vs. Animals: Species at Risk
Trash Talk: What You Throw Away

Word of Mouth: The Food You Eat

Writing Builders