San Antonio Spurs, The
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San Antonio Spurs, The

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Look InsideFast Break Website A revised Team Spirit Basketball edition featuring the San Antonio Spurs that chronicles the history and accomplishments of the team. Includes access to the Team Spirit website which provides additional information, photos, and updates during and after the season. These editions include new features like GREAT DEBATES and CALLING THE SHOTS, as well as new team information and records, photos, timelines, and memorabilia. The perfect sports reading material for young sports fans in grades 3-6! What really makes these books stand our is the FAST BREAK website. Once readers finish the books, they can go online to the TEAM SPRIT tab and each basketball team has its very own webpage to go along with the reading material. This site will be updated thoughout the season and post season with kid-friendly news about their favorite basketball teams - the perfect source for up-to-date statistics and player information for young sports fans. Table of Contents, Glossary, Timeline, Bibliography of additional resources and Index. Aligns to Common Core State Standards requirements for Reading Informational Text.

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The Team Spirit: Basketball series offers very readable introductions to pro b-ball squads. Each of the 12 heavily revised NBA books offers sections on the team’s history, arenas, uniforms, outstanding players, coaches, memorable moments, and fans. The copious illustrations, mainly color photos, often show players during games. One lively new feature is “Great Debates,” which offers opposing viewpoints on burning questions. For instance, was the Celtics greatest comeback in the 2002 playoffs or the 2008 NBA finals? Could the 2002–03 Nets have beaten the 1975–76 Nets? Who was the smartest Knick, Bill Bradley or Jerry Lucas? Was the Spurs’ best long-distance shooter Manu Ginobili or Chuck Person? Another feature uses U.S. and world maps to pinpoint one or more cities that the team has called home and the hometowns of 10 or 11 players. Apart from the decision to place text on pages fading from bright yellow to white, these volumes look better and read better than their predecessors. Replacing the volumes in the previous series on NBA teams, these books do more than update the coverage since the last editions. Most sections have been completely rewritten, re-illustrated, and improved. A good starting place for hard-court fanatics. Also recommended from this series:

The Dallas Mavericks, The Indiana Pacers, The Los Angeles Lakers, The Philadelphia 76ers

Booklist, September 2014

I loved this! It had great facts and bits of information that I didn't even know. I'm a huge fan, I was born in San Antonio. My whole family loves the Spurs and we've been watching for years. Before the "Memorial Day Miracle" and when David Robinson was the star player. There was a lot of information but not in a way that it seemed like an overload of facts. There were some special touches. No joke, it brought tears to my eyes at a couple of the flashbacks. I mean it brought up exactly how we felt when Sean made the 3-pointer at the buzzer. I remember my sister and I holding onto each other and waiting for that ball to go through the hoop. I swear we weren't breathing and then when it went in, we started screaming and jumping up and down with my family. There are some things in this book that just take you back.

For a fan of the Spurs, this is a great book and a must have! There's good information and great pictures in it as well. If you are not a fan, it's still a great book to have. There's statistics and a lot of history. I love all the paragraphs of the players too.

NetGalley Reviewer, March 2015