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Recycling - Paperback

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Language Arts Correlations Look Inside Explores the pros and cons of several issues related to recycling including; if it benefits the environment and is it economically efficient. Text contains critical thinking components in regards to social issues and history. Describes common argumentative techniques such as; using facts to support an argument, using testimonials and understanding the difference between fact and opinion. Contains essay-writing exercises. Includes bibliographic notes, timeline, glossary, index, and places to go for further research. Aligns with Common Core Language Arts Anchor Standards for Reading Informational Text and Speaking and Listening.

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    Matters of Opinion
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    Carla Mooney
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    Opinion Pieces
Each volume focuses on a currently controversial issue and presents “Yes/No” arguments on each of three central questions, reminiscent of Opposing Viewpoints (Greenhaven Press). Each volume’s timeline puts the issue in historical context. Each opinion makes liberal use of quoted testimony, and each article is supported by captioned photographs and additional background material. What is most impressive are the footnotes, bibliography, and list of articles that comprise nearly thirty completely cited sources for each book. Each book’s author has carefully crafted arguments that are both persuasive and constructed with the best persuasive techniques and the most egregious logical fallacies. After each set of paired arguments, one of these fallacies is defined and the reader is invited to examine both arguments for examples. Highly Recommended

Library Media Connection, March/April 2015

"Finally, someone has published a scientifically based book that is designed to support and align with Common Core Language Arts Anchor Standards. Matters of Opinion: Recycling by Carla Mooney guides the student through the always tricky process of writing opinion pieces based on informational text.

Because this process is based on the relevant and engaging topic of recycling, it grabs and holds the intermediate and middle school learners' focus throughout the extended time frame necessary to produce an opinion piece essay. Matters of Opinion: Recycling contains valuable resources to sustain the budding writer. Text features including timelines, captions, diagrams, glossary, and bibliography which are invaluable to the young researcher. The inclusion of model opinions supporting differing points of view create exemplars that teachers will find invaluable in sustaining the research–to revision–to opinion piece writing process.

This book is a valuable teaching tool for several reasons. Most importantly for the obvious reason that opinions matter. Throughout everyone’s lives people will bombard us with their opinions in order to influence us one way or another. It is vastly vital to learn whether those opinions are rooted in evidence and scientific data or personal beliefs. This understanding will help young adults form opinions of their own and build empathy for the beliefs of others.

Indeed this book will be used as an exhaustive guide in the Science classroom as well as Language and Social Studies curriculum. Matters of Opinion: Recycling takes a deeper look into an important issue facing the world today featuring thought–provoking questions. Addressed by a pro and con format, this book is the basis of opinion writing lessons in the Language and content area classroom. No book on this subject has taught critical thinking skills and introduced argumentative techniques in such a unique and concise manner. The book even concludes with an opportunity to further develop their skills by writing an opinion piece of their own. In my opinion, buying this book for your classroom or school library is well worth the cost."

National Science Teachers Association, October 2014
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