Professional Gaming Careers
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Professional Gaming Careers

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Look Inside Going head-to-head with a group of friends can be a lot of fun. But beating the best gamers in the world can lead to fame and fortune. The growth of E-Sports has put professional gamers on the same stage once occupied solely by athletes. Competitions, sponsorship, and live streams are all part of a lucrative career as a professional gamer.

Video games aren’t just a hobby anymore. E-Sports is on the rise and reaching people of all ages. This series looks at 4 facets of competitive video gaming: the industry, the careers, the game development, and the competition. Each book contains fast facts and in-depth sidebars, plus a glossary, an index, and places to go for more information. E-Sports: Game On! is a great mix of high-interest content with STEM connections. 

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The popularity of e-sports is on the rise. Professional Gaming Careers is full of advice from professional gamers, including required training time to develop mastery of each game, care of injuries sustained while playing, and how to make money through tournaments, streaming, and sponsorships. Carrying on from there, E-Sports Competitions provides a deeper understanding of the equipment and training required to become a top gamer. Inside the E-Sports Industry and E-Sports Game Design chronicle the history of the gaming described, along with the process of game development from concept to completion. Readers who are interested in making gaming a career will get plenty of insight into how teams are developed, how gamers make and keep an audience of fans, and the reaction time and reflexes they must develop to excel in the various styles, including multiplayer online battle arena, first-person shooter, and real-time strategy games. While the writing itself is not super exciting, readers who seek these books will be pleased nonetheless. VERDICT Bound to be popular wherever games like Minecraft are in demand.

Series Made Simple/School Library Journal, November 2017

I would suggest this book for all middle and high school media centers. Many students, especially boys, are interested in this type of career. Love that is has a glossary and websites to follow up with for the reader. 4/5 stars

NetGalley, July 2017

So many kids love video games and dream of playing them professionally one day. This easy-to-read book explains everything about video gaming from the history right down to carpal tunnel syndrome. Boys, girls, children with learning disabilities, and children with low motivation to read would all benefit from this book. The material is organized in a logical and easy to view fashion and there are plenty of pictures to help the reader really learn about video gaming. 5/5 stars 

NetGalley, May 2017

Once again the cover feels very 80’s. But it is a great companion to E-Sports Competitions. I really like how they cover female gamers, and that many are not treated the best by male gamers, but they are rising in their prowess in the gaming field. This book covers the beginning of pro gamers and what is changing in the field. 4/5 stars 

NetGalley, May 2017


With these three books on gaming (Professional Gaming Careers, E-Sports Competitions, E-Sports Game Design), we get survey overviews in a picture heavy format that give a brief overview of the subject.

With Professional Gaming Careers, author Edwards gives the history of professional gaming, the pluses (fame, some fortune) and the minuses (carpel tunnel injuries, harassment of female players). At a quick 48 pages and with plenty of images, the book is a fast and kid-friendly read and suitable for book reports and discussions. There isn't an in depth analysis or discussions of the hardships of getting into the career (long hours of grinding, unpaid work, stressful competitions, interpersonal skills needed for team games, marketing oneself, free agent negotiations and landing an org, etc.). A few of the bigger games are mentioned (e.g., League of Legends since it is the biggest game at publication of this book) but not really discussed.

The book breaks down as follows: chapter 1: Hackers and early games; Chapter 2: What it takes to go pro; Chapter 3: Practice makes perfect; Chapter 4: Tournaments and more; Chapter 5: Gaming today and tomorrow. Note that this format pretty much follows all the books on egaming in the series: background, current state, future theories.

As a very friendly and brief overview of the subject, this makes a nice introduction to this very modern career. As well, this could also be useful for those who want to get into the career one day and have parents who don't understand that it is a legitimate occupation. This will help inform parents of the basics. 

NetGalley, May 2017

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