Patrick and Paula Learn about Prepositions – Paperback

by Megan Atwood


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Patrick and Paula look for their friends in the woods while using prepositions. Patrick and his older cousin, Paula, try to find people in a game of hide-and-seek. As they look, Paula helps him learn about prepositions. Each person they find has more information about prepositions. But where is the last person? Is she under the bridge? Behind a tree? In a pile of leaves? Concepts covered include: basic definition and usage of prepositions; prepositions of place and time; prepositions at ends of sentences; prepositional phrases; and objects of prepositions. Writing activity in the back reinforces text concepts. Glossary and additional resources. The Language Builders series helps young readers learn how to use the English language correctly. They join in on the fun as friends learn the basics of finding different types of words in a sentence and using them correctly. Each book in the Language Builders series covers a different part of speech. From adjectives to interjections, they learn how these parts of speech electrify writing wow! Activities in the back of the book provide additional information and practice identifying and using each part of speech.

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