Language Arts eBook Bundle (50 books)

by Various


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Our Language Arts eBook Bundle offers a range of 50 titles for grades 2-6.

The Language Builders series helps young readers learn how to use the English language correctly. They join in on the fun as friends learn the basics of finding different types of words in a sentence and using them correctly. Each book in the Language Builders series covers a different part of speech. From adjectives to interjections, they learn how these parts of speech electrify writing—wow! Activities in the back of the book provide additional information and practice identifying and using each part of speech.

The Writing Builders series can help you become a better writer. Join the fun as friends learn the basics of the writing process, from brainstorming and outlines to first drafts, revising, and the finished piece. Each book in the Writing Builders series covers a different writing project. From book reports to blogs, you can follow the steps needed to finish your own. Activities in the back of the book provide additional information and writing practice.

The Poetry Builders series will have young writers writing their own poems! Join in on the adventure as friends learn the basics of writing poetry and the use of rhyme, meter, alliteration, and other tools to write their own poems. Each book in the series covers a different type of poem. From limericks to acrostics, you can follow the story that shows the steps needed to create your new poem. Activities in the back of the book provide additional information and writing practice.

The Funny Zone series provides lots of laughs and includes jokes, tongue twisters, and “Daffynitions”. Each title contains over 100 themed jokes. The jokes are entertaining and educational and the humorous text involves a higher order of thinking skills that can support comprehension. Includes creative writing information and exercises which encourage readers to write jokes of their own.

The Shape Your Opinion series explores important issues that kids face. Each book provides three questions that examine both sides of an issue while building critical thinking and opinion writing skills. Learn about the common techniques used and what makes a convincing argument. Each book contains writing prompts, a glossary, an index, and places to go for more information. Now kids are ready to shape and write about their own opinion!

The Matters of Opinion series takes a look into important issues that young adults face. Each book features thought-provoking questions surrounding the issue and provides essays on both the pro and con point of view. As students learn more about the different sides of each issue, they can then start to formulate their own opinions on the topic. After each discussion, the reader is introduced to argumentative techniques that the authors used to present their viewpoints. These include using techniques such as the “The Slippery Slope”, “The Bandwagon”, “Testimonials” and more. These techniques are valuable both for essay writing and understanding how to differentiate opinions from fact. The last chapter encourages the reader to write their own opinion piece and provides guidance for working through the steps of essay writing. Aligns with Common Core Language Arts Anchor Standards for Reading Informational Text and Speaking and Listening.

Titles included in the bundle:

  • Andrew and Allen Learn about Adverbs
  • Austin and Alex Learn about Adjectives
  • Cailyn and Chloe Learn about Conjunctions
  • Iris and Ian Learn about Interjections
  • Nathan and Nicole Learn about Nouns
  • Patrick and Paula Learn about Prepositions
  • Phillip and Penny Learn about Pronouns
  • Vivian and Victor Learn about Verbs
  • Ben and Bailey Build a Book Report
  • Bridget and Bo Build a Blog
  • Evan and Erin Build an Essay
  • Isabella and Ivan Build an Interview
  • Leah and LeShawn Build a Letter
  • Seth and Savannah Build a Speech
  • Frank and Fiona Build a Fictional Story
  • Jesse and Jasmine Build a Journal
  • Neil and Nan Build Narrative Nonfiction
  • Olivia and Oscar Build an Opinion Piece
  • Rick and Rachel Build a Research Report
  • Will and Wendy Build a Website with Digital Tools
  • Ana and Adam Build an Acrostic
  • Connor and Clara Build a Concrete Poem
  • Henry and Hala Build a Haiku
  • Luke and Leo Build a Limerick
  • Nina and Nolan Build a Nonsense Poem
  • Penelope and Pip Build a Prose Poem
  • Rena and Rio Build a Rhyme
  • Sophie and Sadie Build a Sonnet
  • The Animal Zone
  • The History Zone
  • The Sports Zone
  • The Classroom Zone
  • Let’s Eat in the Funny Zone
  • Let’s Go in the Funny Zone
  • The Science Zone
  • The Computer Zone
  • The Fright Zone
  • The Ghost Zone
  • The Medical Zone
  • Do Kids Have Too Much to Do?
  • Do Kids Need Video Game Ratings?
  • Do Kids Need Year-Round School?
  • Should Kids Get Allowance?
  • Should Kids Use Social Media?
  • Should Kids Wear School Uniforms?
  • Cheating
  • Food in Schools
  • Recycling
  • Smoking
  • Video Games


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