At the Beach

by Kathleen Corrigan


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Zack and Chet share memories of their wonderful times at the beach. They look at photos and laugh about some of the things that happened. Throughout this book, the readers have numerous opportunities to use the various digraphs and the suffix s. Multiple short vowel words along with a small list of high-frequency words provide a text that consolidates the early decoding skills of the readers.

Students will be excited to explore this series of decodable books for early readers. Recurring characters and familiar contexts such as home or a park are mixed with humor, action, and fun. Readers will cheer as Ben gets a new pet or Zack sees a whale. Each cumulative book is for readers just beginning to decode words. The books begin by introducing the short vowels one at a time within a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern. Later books encourage the readers to incorporate consonant digraphs into their blending. Limited high-frequency words and supportive pictures help the reader successfully navigate the text while they practice essential decoding skills. Each title includes a note to the caregiver and a word list that is organized by Focus words, High-Frequency words, and Challenge words.


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    The Decodables, The Decodables: Friends and Family Fun
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