A Complete Set: iMath Readers- Level C (10 Books)

by Renata Brunner-Jass


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iMath Readers is a leveled reader series that focuses on math skills taught in the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Created to align with CCSI, the storyline approach uses real life situations and open-ended questions that strengthen critical thinking skills and provide opportunities for discussion. One of the unique features of the iMath books is their flexible, multi-purpose use. These books can be used as a context for class-wide discussion on CCSS topics, or utilized as an independent study resource for students. 30 book set with 10 books in each level. Level C is designed for grades 5-6 and focus on distance, rate, decimals, unit rates, algorithms, price comparisons, etc. Each Book Features: Real Life Situations Introduces a real life problem or situation that can be solved with a working knowledge of the math topic. iMath Ideas Takes a look at several ways of using math to solve the problem. Asks the reader to think about and choose which method works best for them. Discover Activity Activities to strengthen math skills taught in the text. Storyline Approach iMath uses a storyline approach. Math concepts are reinforced through age-appropriate characters, topics, and storylines. As the CCSS concepts get more in depth, the storylines and text become more complex, as well. Connections to Language Arts, History, or STEM. Career Connections Math at Work sections highlight jobs that use math on a daily basis. Great for college and career readiness. What Comes Next? Activities designed to strengthen Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math through engagement and extension. Additional Notes Includes a full answer key, with solutions for each math problem presented, for educators and parents. Table of Contents, Glossary, Further Reading, Index


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