Patrick and Paula Learn about Prepositions - eBook-Classroom
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Patrick and Paula Learn about Prepositions - eBook-Classroom

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Teachers' Notes Look Inside Patrick and Paula look for their friends in the woods while using prepositions. Patrick and his older cousin, Paula, try to find people in a game of hide-and-seek. As they look, Paula helps him learn about prepositions. Each person they find has more information about prepositions. But where is the last person? Is she under the bridge? Behind a tree? In a pile of leaves? Concepts covered include: basic definition and usage of prepositions; prepositions of place and time; prepositions at ends of sentences; prepositional phrases; and objects of prepositions. Writing activity in the back reinforces text concepts. Glossary and additional resources.
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    One-to-One, 30 seat license-2 Year, 30 seat license-5 Year, Paperback Book
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    Language Builders
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    Megan Atwood
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    Writing Skills

This is another book in the Language Builders Series. These books are designed to teach children the purpose of various parts of speech, but more importantly, how to use them in their writing and oral language.

Paula's cousin Patrick has come over to play. Paula wants to teach him about prepostions that she learned about that day at school. Off they go to the park to play hide and seek with her friends. While playing they talk about prepositions and prepositional phrases. They tell him what they do, such as show place and time, as well as what object they describe. The children have fun learning and reinforcing what they have learned.

A great concept in how to teach parts of speech to children and to encourage the use of them in their everyday speech and writing. There are also resources at the end of the book to use. A book that should be in all school and classroom libraries. 5/5 Stars. NetGalley user, February 2015

This book not only helps children recognize prepositions, but also reinforces the idea that school and learning are fun and exciting: the older children want to share what they learned in school and the younger Patrick is curious. Because the older children in the story are teaching Patrick as they play hide-and-seek, the method is somewhere on the spectrum between and inductive and deductive learning. Prepositions are not presented explicitly in list form. Thus, the story would need to be accompanied by pre- and post- teaching of the topic. Furthermore, while this would be a great book for students whose language is L1 and who are able to follow the story, it would not be so successful with children who are learning English as L2. 5/5 stars. NetGalley user, February 2015

Patrick and Paula Learn about Prepositions, is a wonderful resource to help children learn about parts of speech. The illustrations could have been better but I appreciate that this book is in a picture book format making it more attractive to children. The book is clear on defining that prepositions are locator words in a sentence that tell you the when and where. The book gives several examples on finding the preposition and gives readers a chance to examine their understanding as well. This book is an excellent resource for a classroom!  NetGalley user, February 2015

This was my introduction to the Language Builders series, and I can easily imagine it as part of a classroom lesson, or a therapy session in language skill-building. This book starts out with basic prepositions, and builds through prepositional phrases and object of preposition identification. With ideas for increasing descriptive skills and written proficiency, this book is a resource to add to your home and school library. 4/5 stars. NetGalley user, February 2015

This was a well written and not to mention, imaginative children's grammar guide, that was colorful and easy to understand. After reading it myself, and having a 7 year old girl read it as well, I can definitely say that this is something that I would want for my own childrem, but also for my branch collection as well. 5/5 stars. NetGalley user, February 2015

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