Pair-It Twin Text Take Home Packs

Pair-It! Twin Text 
Take Home Packs Are Here! 

Our Take Home Packs include a set of our Pair-It! Twin Texts in a clear plastic tote. Each book contains a QR code that gives the child and educator access to a brand-new and exciting learning activity guide! These guides bridge concepts between the 2 books and are created specifically for our Pair-It! books by a professional educator.

Pair-It! Twin Texts match our non-fiction Read and Discover books with our fictional Dear Dragon titles that focus on the same concept. The "Twin Texts" support the balance of reading nonfiction and fiction which is an integral goal of the Common Core State Standards. Books range in reading levels from PK-2.
Research cites that twin texts help encourage the enjoyment of reading while capitalizing on students' fascination with facts. Educators can begin by reading the nonfiction book to build background, which helps support comprehension of the related fiction. Alternately, starting with the fiction, you can spark your child's interest and expand his or her knowledge of the topic with the nonfiction text.

14 sets are available now!
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Educators' Resources and Correlations to the CCSS are available on our website. 

Pair-It! Twin Texts are also available in larger,
8 book, sets (in paperback and hardcover):

  • Seasons
    • Fall/It's Fall, Dear Dragon
    • Spring/It's Spring, Dear Dragon
    • Summer/It's Summer, Dear Dragon
    • Winter/It's Winter, Dear Dragon
  • Sports
    • Let’s Play Basketball/Up, Up, Up, Dear Dragon
    • Let’s Play Basketball/Up, Up, Up, Dear Dragon
    • Let’s Play Football/Touchdown! Dear Dragon
    • Let’s Play Hockey/I Did It, Dear Dragon
    • Let’s Play Soccer/It’s a Good Game, Dear Dragon
  • Holidays (Set 1)
    • Christmas/Merry Christmas, Dear Dragon
    • Groundhog Day/It’s Groundhog Day, Dear Dragon
    • Halloween/It’s Halloween, Dear Dragon
    • St. Patrick’s Day/It’s St. Patrick’s Day, Dear Dragon
  • Holidays (Set 2)
    • Easter/Happy Easter, Dear Dragon
    • Fourth of July/Let’s Go, Dear Dragon
    • Hanukkah/Happy Hanukkah, Dear Dragon
    • Valentine’s Day/I Love You, Dear Dragon
  • Community Places (Set 1)
    • A Visit to the Aquarium/Dear Dragon Goes to the Aquarium
    • A Visit to the Firehouse/ Dear Dragon Goes to the Firehouse
    • A Visit to the Library/ Dear Dragon Goes to the Library
    • A Visit to the Market/ Dear Dragon Goes to the Market
  • Community Places (Set 2)
    • A Visit to the Dentist/Dear Dragon Goes to the Dentist
    • A Visit to the Farm/Dear Dragon Goes to Grandpa’s Farm
    • A Visit to the Police Station/Dear Dragon Goes to the Police Station
    • A Visit to the Vet/Help for Dear Dragon
  • Natural World
    • At the Beach/Dear Dragon Goes to the Beach
    • At the Pond/What’s in the Pond, Dear Dragon?
    • In the Sky/What’s in the Sky, Dear Dragon?
    • In the Woods/What’s in the Woods, Dear Dragon?
  • Character Education
    • Getting Ready for Bed/It’s Bedtime, Dear Dragon
    • Helping Others/Dear Dragon Helps Out
    • Playing Together/Play, Play, Play, Dear Dragon
    • Saving Money/Dear Dragon Goes to the Bank


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