New York Yankees, The
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New York Yankees, The

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Look InsideExtra Innings Website A revised Team Spirit Baseball edition featuring the New York Yankees that chronicles the history and accomplishments of the team. The Team Spirit series paints an engaging, detailed yet accessible picture of professional sports teams. By focusing on the history, great victories and memorable personalities, the books have an enduring quality that will not go out of date quickly. The text is enhanced with plenty of full color photographs as well as reproductions of vintage trading cards and team memorabilia. Once you have the books, be sure to check out the new EXTRA INNINGS website to go along with the reading material! This site will be continuously updated with all new information on every baseball team the perfect source for up-to-date statistics and player information for young sports fans. Each website includes: Achievement Updates, More Go-To Guys, More Fun Facts, League Leaders, and more!

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    Mark Stewart
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The book is an interesting and quick read. Well organized and well layed-out. The graphics are bright and colorful as well as varied. Photographs include color and black and white, and there are color drawings as well. Timelines are included to help with perspective. I like the debates (baseball fans always like to debate!), trivia, and fun fact sections. Very interesting series! Recommended.

Richardson Independent School District Professional Library, 2012

Young sports fans will welcome this series’ offerings covering major basketball, football, and baseball teams. Each book begins with an introduction to the team, some history, and information on the team today. The venue in which the team plays is described with many statistics. The team’s uniforms, and the changes these have had over the years, as well as an introduction to the parts of the uniform specific to each sport, are covered. The books give vital statistics on pioneers and super stars of each team. Unfamiliar words related to the sport are typed in bold and explained in either the glossary, or in a separate section of “other words to know.” A section of “Fun Facts” offers supplemental information, such as Joe DiMaggio marrying Marilyn Monroe or David Robinson growing nine inches during his time at the Naval Academy. Records are listed, and a list of places to visit, as well as books, Web sites, and a map showing the birthplaces of the players, make these books useful for the browsing fan or the student doing a report on a favorite team. The tone is consistently positive, and controversy related to the team is kept out of the discussions. This series is valuable for the youngest sports fans. Timeline. Index. Recommended.

LIBRARY MEDIA CONNECTION, November/December 2006

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, and Roger Maris were the beginning players who created the awesome history of the New York Yankees. Founded in 1901, the Yankees began their rise to fame. Early on, over a forty year period they won the World Series twenty times. No other team has duplicated this feat. Today, they are a force to be reckoned with in Major League Baseball. Throughout the history of the Yankees they have been known for the big hitters in their history. Until just recently Roger Maris’s record of sixty-one home runs in a season was one of the longest standing records in sports history. Open this title in the “Team Spirit” series and you are treated to the excellent writing of author Mark Stewart. With his usual flair, Mr. Stewart is able to turn simple factual information into colorful history. As with other books in the series, different sections meshed with abundant photographs allow readers to stay entertained as they read. This book is a good addition to any nonfiction library collection.

Children's Literature Comprehensive Database

The "Team Spirit series by Mark Stewart is an exciting and thoroughly "kid friendly' collection of historical, biographical, and pictorial introductions to several of the greatest baseball, football, and basketball teams in American history. Featuring the remarkable athletic accomplishments, achievements, records and historical landmarks of professional sports, the "Team Spirit" series includes baseball's The Atlanta Braves, The Chicago Cubs, The Chicago White Sox, and The New York Yankees; football's The Dallas Cowboys, The Indianapolis Colts, The New England Patriots, and The Philadelphia Eagles; basketball's The Detroit Pistons, The Miami Heat, The Phoenix Suns, and the San Antonio Spurs. Providing young sports enthusiasts in grades 3 to 6 with the history of the team, the present day team lineup, the home stadium, history of the uniform, key players, team legends, a team timeline, fun facts, team influences and coaches, quotes, major records and awards, TOC, glossary, index, and places to for each team, the twelve volume "Team Spirit" series is very strongly recommended for school and community library collections.

Midwest Book Review, 2006