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Los Mets de Nueva York
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Los Mets de Nueva York

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Look InsideLook Inside Spanish edition of the popular Team Spirit series featuring the history, accomplishments, and key personalities of the New York Mets baseball team. Includes timelines, quotes, maps, glossary and websites. The Team Spirit series paints an engaging, detailed yet accessible picture of professional sports teams. By focusing on the history, great victories, and memorable personalities, the books have an enduring quality that will not go out of date quickly. The text is enhanced with plenty of full color photographs as well as reproductions of vintage trading cards and team memorabilia. Young readers will want to read about their favorite team as well as other teams in order to gain an understanding of the evolution of the game and how the various teams contributed to modern sports. Each book in this series includes: Timeline Primary source documents Major records and awards Fundamentals of the game Sports and vocabulary glossary Team history and the team today Team legends and lore Fun facts, quotes, fans, maps, places to go

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    Espíritu de equipo
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    Mark Stewart
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Great series for Spanish and English readers. Lots of wonderful info on the Mets as well as how the game is played, where it's played, and a bit of team history. Colorful photos and tons of easy to read info. Will be quite popular with our sports readers. 5/5

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Translated to Spanish from English, the titles in this series feature bright pictures, colorful timelines, and other graphics. Students will love the sections offering tips on playing tactics exhibited by showcased professional players. Native Spanish speakers will be able to enjoy the language used. The more difficult verb structures and data-centered information make the books more appropriate for high school Spanish-language students. Schools with a strong Latino population or with an established collection of titles in Spanish will want to add these to their shelves. Glossary. Index


Team Spirit' is a six volume series of 'kid friendly' books showcasing some of the best teams in American baseball, along with color photography illustrated highlights from the 2006 World Series. Designed to be accessible and engaging for young readers in grades 3 through 6, each individual book features a sturdy binding for an extended shelf life and multiple readership. The titles comprising this highly recommended series include "The Baltimore Orioles" (1599530929); "The Detroit Tigers" (1599530937); The Houston Astros" (1599530945); "The Lost Angeles Dodgers" (1599530953); "The Saint Louis Cardinals" (1599530961); and "The Seattle Mariners" (159953097X). Each title is available individually. Also very highly recommended are four 'Team Spirit' titles newly available in Spanish: "Los Heat de Miami" (159953102X); "Los Lakers de Los Angeles" (1599531003); "Los Mets de Nueva York" (1599531038); and "Los White Sox de Chicago" (1599531011).


Part of the “Team Spirit” series, this Spanish-language book focuses on the history of the New York Mets baseball team. What makes the Mets different from other teams? According to Stewart, it is their pitchers, a good defense and colorful personalities. Created in the 1960s, the Mets got off to a slow start, even though they recruited star players from other teams. In 1969, they won the National League title and the World Series, thanks to their pitching strength. They repeated the feat in 1986. Readers will discover that today’s team stands out again because it is not afraid to rebuild itself with exciting players and creates a welcoming environment for players from diverse cultures, including Japan, Korea and Latin America. Following the series’ format, young readers can also learn about the history of the Mets’ uniform, their winning strategies in 1969 and 1986, the exceptional skills of pioneer and modern star players, and the role of distinguished managers and leaders such as Davey Johnson and Willie Randolph. This book also includes interesting facts and legends about the team, famous baseball quotes, players’ records, a team timeline, an explanation of the game, a glossary of baseball terms, a map and a list of websites to visit for more information. All in all, it is a smorgasbord sure to please the palate of any young baseball fan.

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