Los Angeles Kings, The
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Look InsideLine Change Website A revised Team Spirit Hockey edition featuring the Los Angeles Kings that chronicles the history and accomplishments of the team. These editions include new features like GREAT DEBATES and CALLING THE SHOTS, as well as new team information and records, photos, timelines, and memorabilia. The perfect sports reading material for young sports fans in grades 3-6! What really makes these books stand our is the LINE CHANGE website. Once readers finish the books, they can go online to the TEAM SPRIT tab and each hockey team has its very own webpage to go along with the reading material. This site will be updated thoughout the season and post season with kid-friendly news about their favorite hockey teams - the perfect source for up-to-date statistics and player information for young sports fans. Table of Contents, Glossary, Timeline, Bibliography of additional resources and Index. Aligns to Common Core State Standards requirements for Reading Informational Text.

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    Team Spirit
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    Mark Stewart
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"The revamped and updated Team Spirit: Hockey series is just the ticket for budding prognosticators eager to challenge one another with minutiae about their favorite squads. This volume traces the rise (and fall, and rise again) of the NHL team in L.A.—a preposterous idea at first. Begun with other teams’ rejects, the Kings eventually assembled a strong group in the 90s, building up to their defining moment: the signing of Wayne Gretzky in 1988. Each chapter digs into one element: the stadiums, the uniforms, “Go-To Guys,” coaches, and more. The fun stuff, though, is the trivia, fun facts, and “Great Debates,” which toss red meat for die-hards to fight over. Keenly illustrated with big action shots of our bearded, gap-toothed heroes and reproductions of sports cards, this makes for an excellent time on the ice."

Booklist, April 2014

This book tells about the history and the players of the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. It gives interesting facts about the players and tells how they came from 8th place to win the Stanley Cup. It includes great color photographs of the players

and shares trivia about the players as well as the team. First Choice Book.

Clark County School District, April 2014