Lethal Weapons - eBook-Classroom
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Lethal Weapons - eBook-Classroom

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Look InsideLanguage Arts Correlations Teachers' Notes America has been called a nation of guns. Given that there are as many firearms as people in the United States comes as no surprise. Yet of all the issues that divide Americans, none drives them farther apart than the balance between gun rights and gun control. "Lethal Weapons" looks at the history of guns in the U.S., stopping at key moments along the way to examine the great debates that have altered the course of national policy on the right to bear arms. Young readers will discover that the arguments over gun control today are remarkably similar to the social, political, and economic questions that have sparked controversy for more than a century. "Lethal Weapons" engages young readers and provides them with the context and history needed to join the debate on these issues...and ultimately issues the challenge to Find Your Voice. Aligns with Common Core Language Arts Anchor Standards for Reading Informational Text and Speaking and Listening. Text contains critical thinking components in regards to social issues and history.

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    Great Debates
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    Gun Ownership
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    Geoffrey C. Harrison and Thomas F. Scott

Recommended by LMC!

Once again, we have a Great Debates book! This book talks about Gun Rights and the lethal weapons that may want taken off the streets. Since it is part of the Great Debates series, this book is setup in debate style, giving views from both sides. This seems like the perfect book for middle school age group.  Netgalley user, April 2017

Surprisingly, this book was fairly well balanced between the two sides. I expected more lead in toward gun control but both sides were represented and gave 'their side' of the matter. I would read this with older elementary and up. It's also a good series on how to debate a topic in a civil manner. 5/5 stars NetGalley user, August 2017

Part of the Great Debates series, this introduces the gun-control issue by framing questions. An overarching question, such as “Are background checks an invasion of privacy?” is followed by related questions and opposing points of view. Attractive, colorful graphics, sidebars, and photographs comprise half of each chapter. The chapters run six pages or less, presenting facts, history, and viewpoints in a compact format. With more questions than background, this entry will work best as a springboard for prompting the kind of inquiry-based discussion that's so emphasized in the Common Core State Standards. Back matter includes a glossary and a list of other resources. Booklist, October 2013

This series asks readers to consider contemporary and historical debates in America, from immigration to the use of firearms to the relationship between church and state. The authors craft both sides of their arguments with care. Chapters are introduced as questions, such as “Is the freedom of others worth fighting for?” The “Affirmative” and “Negative” sides of the debate are presented in boxes at the bottom of the page. Questions set apart in bold font throughout the texts encourage critical thinking...Series Made Simple, November 2013