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Look InsideIts not just about cheering anymore. Since the early 1900s, cheerleaders have revved up crowds at pep rallies and sporting events. Today, cheerleaders also do something else they cheer for trophies! With a mix of gymnastics, stunts, and spirit, competitive cheerleading is one of the fastest growing and most exciting sports out there. Whether its cheering for the home team or for the national title, cheerleaders are leading the way! Girls Play to Win highlights the trials and triumphs of women in sports. Topics include the sports history, rules, equipment, and key training skills. Enthusiasts will also learn more about the personalities and game-changers that contributed to their sport's development. Filled with fantastic action photos, this series gives young women the information they need to take their game to the next level. Library Media Connection's Editor's Choice

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The Girls Play to Win series is a perfect way for students to learn about sports and the females who have been successful athletes in the sport. Each book provides the basics - how to "play" and equipment used, as well as the history of the sport. The trim size (5.5" X 8") won't overwhelm a curious student, nor will it hinder use of the books as idea-generators for biography projects. A worthy addition for students interested in athletics.

PSLA's Top Ten or so Nonfiction Titles 2011

The Girls Play to Win series focuses exclusively on women's sports. In addition to profiles of star athletes, the books introduces the basic rules or types of events and give the history of women as participants and competitors in each sport. Illustrated mainly with clear color photos, the books offer straightforward accounts enhanced by sidebars on related topics. In addition to the writer, each book credits a "content consultant" with special knowledge of the sport. Lacrosse clarifies how the fast-growing women's version of the sport differs from the men's and notes that the women's "much more closely resembles the game Native Americans invented hundreds of years ago." Softball describes the sport's history, its fast-pitch and slow-pitch rules, and its spread around the globe. Before spotlighting outstanding female aquatic athletes of the past century, Swimming & Diving reports that women's swimming was thought too unladylike for the Olympic Games until 1912. Track & Field highlights the number of events and notable women athletes, from Babe Didrikson to Jackie Joyner-Kersee to recent record-breakers. Each book concludes with a glossary and short, annotated lists of recommended books, websites, and places to visit. With their slant toward women, these colorful books will fill gaps in many collections.

Recommended books in this series: Lacrosse, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Track & Field, Cheerleading, Soccer

Booklist, December 15th, 2011

"Cheerleading" is a color-photo-illustrated sports summary book about the history, rules, practices, significant personalities, and fundamentals of women's cheerleading. Written with the assistance of Tami Krause, Head Coach and Coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, "Cheerleading" covers key training skills, cheerleading basics, techniques, strategies, use of equipment and competitive events, as well as star personalities and performers who mattered. "Cheerleading" will appeal to teens and pre-teens who are interested in pursuing the sport. Written in clear, expressive action prose, "Cheerleading" also contains a Glossary, list of resources including books and websites, index, and list of recommended places to visit. From the Girls Play to Win series, "Cheerleading" will be a popular choice for young adults in libraries and physical educational resources.

Children's Bookwatch, September 2011

This serious would be a great addition to your sports collection - especially if you are looking for books on female athletes/sports. The books are well organized, including informative text, interesting photos and resources for further study. All titles include the history/beginnings of the sport, basics of the sport and important/famous athletes within the sport. GIrls will enjoy this well-written, informative series that focuses on women's sports!

Garland Independent School District, June 2011