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Look InsideShe dribbles, she drives the lane for the lay-up! Women's basketball is emerging as one of the world's most exciting sports. From colleges in the United States to the Olympics to professional leagues around the world, thousands of people come to cheer on their favorite team. But you don't need thousands of fans to enjoy basketball. All you need is a ball and a basket. The history, the rules, and the heroines: these nonfiction accounts of women's sports relate the interesting insights of each sport, including the rules, game play, and standout athletes. Girls looking for role models as well as the "hows and whys" of their favorite game will find the answers in these fresh, accessible titles. Part history, part biography, and part instruction, Girls Play to Win allows readers to access "everything they want to know" about the game. More than an introduction, this series takes what is likely an existing interest and allows the reader to delve deeper. Content consultants are real-world experts that include Olympic athletes and coaches. Library Media Connection Editor's Choice

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Girls play sports too, and the books in this series are about female athletes. Each book starts with an introduction to the sport. Rules are explained, words are defined and techniques are outlined. A Historical chapter follows. It looks at the sport and the role of females athletes in the sport. Pioneers, such as Sonja Henie in figure skating and Gretchen Fraser in skiing, are discussed and their contributions acknowledged. Past, present, and rising stars are given the closing pages of each book, allowing readers to see the faces of athletes who are making a difference. These books will make excellent resources for research purposes. Color pictures complement the text. Sidebars provide additional facts. Any library seeking books about girls and sports need to look no further than this series. Bibliography. Glossary. Index. RECOMMENDED.

Library Media Connection, March/April 2011

Library Media Connection's Editor's Choice Award 2011

Spotlight on Series Nonfiction - Booklist

Like football books for boys, there are never enough figure-skating books for girls. One of five new titles in the Girls Play to Win series, this begins with a look at the origin of the sport and then traces the young women who played a role in skating from the olden days to today. The first of six chapters describes skating basics, citing Kim Yu-na (winner of a gold medal at the 2010 Olympics), and then the progression of stars begins: Sonja Henie, Peggy Fleming, Dorothy Hamill, Debi Thomas, Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan, and Kristy Yamaguchi. (The attack on Kerrigan, engineered by Harding, is described under the subheading ""Scandal Rocks the Sport"".) Color photos, sidebars, and boxed explanations break up the text and keywords are printed in bold and listed in a glossary. The direct tone is intended to motivate fans and future skaters, and facts along the way make this a nicely compact history.

Booklist, October 2010

This book will encourage the reluctant reader to read about the history of women's basketball, famous female athletes of the sport, and the rules of basketball. It would be an informative resource to the Health and Physical Education SOL for grades 6-8.

Richmond Public Schools, October 2011

Recommended. This book is one of the series, Girls Play to Win. It gives you the basic rules, techniques and history of women's baskeball. It has photos of players throughout the book, some are very well-known faces. This book would serve girls 4th grade and up. There is a glossary and index, as well as a list of other books and websites about basketball.

Arlington Independent School District, January 2012