Family Money - Paperback
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Family Money - Paperback

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Look Inside How does a family get and spend its money? Family Money looks at many of the expenses families have and how money is spent on utilities, services, health, food, transportation, and more. The concepts of budgeting, borrowing, spending, fiscal responsibility and financial literacy are discussed in an easy to understand, accessible manner. Includes a table of contents, glossary, index, websites and books for further information, and discussion questions. The How Money Works series gives an in depth, yet easy to understand look at how economic systems work. From understanding personal finance to global trade, How Money Works provides insight to and appreciation for financial literacy. Topics in the series include personal, family, country, and world finance.

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    How Money Works
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    William Whitehead
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    Personal Finances

Talking about money can be difficult, even for adults, but it is essential if one is to become financially independent and economically savvy. Using simple language in short, labeled paragraphs, this series contextualizes the way money works in communities, households, and the world at large, demonstrating that monetary issues don’t exist in a vacuum. The authors delineate what countries, states, and cities spend money on, such as social programs, education, housing, and healthcare, and who is responsible for making broad financial decisions. The series also explains factors that affect families, such as budgets, credit, loans, insurance, taxes, rent, and much more, in an accessible way. Colorful, simply drawn graphics enhance the text, and helpful graphs and charts are employed to add perspective and illustrate more abstract concepts. VERDICT A comprehensive start to getting students to think about money and become responsible spenders and savers.

School Library Journal/Series Made Simple, November 2015

This is a good book about money. It will be good in my library and I would recommend it for any public library. I think it would also be a good present for a kid who is at the age where they need to start learning about money. It's easy to read and easy to understand and filled with useful, real life information.

NetGalley user, August 2015

Wonderfully written & illustrated. I like how the book flows from subject to subject, without overwhelming the students. When we have our lesson on "financial literacy", I will definitely refer to the book & ask if the series can be used!I hope to possibly have my supervisor add this to our financial literacy workshop during the next school year. Thank you!

NetGalley Review, June 2015

Family Money provides elementary age kids a thorough look at how and why a family spends money. William Whitehead manages to keep the subject fun, light and entertaining while going in depth into all aspects of a family's expenditures. I am really impressed and feel that this book needs a place in every home and classroom. 5/5 Stars

NetGalley Reviewer, May 2015

This provides a basic guide to how, where and why families need and choose to spend money in a child friendly manner. It is well illustrated throughout, the text is easily understood and often entertaining whilst still being educational. This may be seen as a dry subject but how the author and illustrator of this book have worked together to present the information in an appealing manner that encourages the reader to keep on reading! Teachers and parents alike would find this book very useful whenever trying to explain the costs of living and household expenditure in a child friendly manner. It could be particularly useful in any school which has an enterprise based aspect to the curriculum. I highly recommend this book!

NetGalley Reviewer, May 2015