Educators' Resources

The links below contain a wealth of resources for Educators. 

Activities for Dear Dragon

Download printable activities for each Dear Dragon title

Astro the Alien Reading Reinforcements

Download printable activities for each Astro title

CCSI Correlations - Language Arts

Download printable correlations to CCSI by grade level and title.

CCSI Correlations - Math

Download printable correlations to CCSI by grade level and title.

Connecting Concepts - Read and Discover

Download printable Connection Concepts pdfs for each title.

Next Generation Science Standards

These printable pdfs are divided by series name (and for A Great Idea, also by grade range).  As with all of our Educators' Resources, these are prepared by industry professionals with a deep understanding of these standards.  To learn more about the NGSS, please visit

Readers Theaters

For access to Myself Bookshelf Readers Theaters, please contact

Teachers' Notes

Visit this page to download printable PDFs that correspond with many of our series. Series that are available now include A Great Idea, Astro the Alien, Dear Dragon, Dear Dragon Developing Readers, Easy Stories, Fairy Tales and Folklore, Great Debates, iMath, iScience, Poetry Builders, Second Nature, STEM Superstars, Tech Bytes and Writing Builders. There are also Teachers' Notes for Indivisible: Poems for Social Justice.

Team Spirit

This page links you to Team Spirit Extras - webpages for the 87 professional basketball, football, baseball, and hockey teams and discover more Go-To Guys, Fun Facts, League Leaders, and team history. This is the place where we add updates for your favorite team, and let you Ask The Author about his work. Think of it as Team Spirit's "49th page". 

Discussion Guide - Indivisible: Poems for Social Justice

Download printable discussion guide - 12 questions to kick off classroom-size discussions.