Ecosystems Booklist Review

Oct 2, 2017

Book review of Ecosystems (Read and Discover Science). Grades K-2

"This volume in the petite Read and Discover: Science series gives early readers a glimpse into forest,
grassland, desert, tundra, fresh water, and marine ecosystems. Two double-page spreads are dedicated to
each, which prominently display a large color photo of the ecosystem being discussed and zoom in on its
plants and animals. Simple text that very generally describes the landscape, climate, and wildlife of each
ecosystem appears in a corner of each spread; variations are noted when appropriate, such as the existence
of hot and cold deserts. At the book’s end, readers are given a quick pictorial review and asked to identify
ecosystems near their homes. Teachers and caregivers can take advantage of the appended “Connecting
Concepts” section to reinforce the book’s science concepts and build children’s language skills and