Corporate Responsibility Statement FAQs

What is Norwood House Press' Corporate Responsibility Statement?

Norwood House Press created a Corporate Responsibility Program in 2011. Its initial goal was to assess what the company deemed as important in the discussion of Corporate Responsibility. During the course of the year, we determined that the following was an important aspect of our corporate responsibility and personality and therefore would be publicized in the workplace and on our website: Norwood House Press Corporate Responsibility Statement As a producer of educational books for children, we do not separate corporate responsibility from our business. One of the objectives in our business strategy is, “Care for our people and our planet, and help to educate and inspire children. Every person working for or associated with Norwood House Press has a role in achieving this objective, whether they write or design our books, work in factories that print and store our books, or interface directly with our customers or suppliers. Our employees’ ongoing focus on this creates value for society. Care for our people and the planet. We work to cultivate a safe, respectful, and ethical work environment that enables employees and contractors to thrive both on the job and in their communities. Our contractors use safe and approved materials and methods for creating our books and are expected to treat their employees in a respectful and dignified manner. We strive to make our products and our workplace environmentally friendly. Educate and inspire the next generation. We publish books that educate, inform and entertain young people. This includes books on science, language arts, sports and reading. We believe it is important to have a society that is overwhelming literate and that it is an important step against poverty and desperation. By incorporating corporate responsibility into our strategy and objectives, we manage our business more effectively and identify ways to apply our publishing expertise to benefit the environment and society. Our focus on responsible business practices helps us mitigate risks, reduce costs, protect our brand and identify new opportunities. The backbone of our corporate culture encompasses our values which include: Excellent Customer Service, Discipline, Quality Work, and Being a Great Place to Work. These values define who we are and how we act as employees and as a company. They move us forward toward common goals—in both business and corporate responsibility. We are committed to operating with transparency, as it holds us accountable and encourages dialogue with our employees and others. We are committed to building relationships and partnerships with external organizations to help improve our performance and increase the impact of our programs and initiatives. Patti Hall President and Owner