Obesity - eBook-Classroom
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Obesity - eBook-Classroom

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Language Arts Correlations - Coming Soon Look Inside Explores pros and cons of several issues related to obesity including; is the food industry at fault, can the government help prevent it, and effective treatments. Text contains critical thinking components in regards to social issues and history. Describes common argumentative techniques such as; the bandwagon technique, scapegoating, and bias. Includes bibliographic notes, timeline, glossary, index, additional resources and step-by-step instructions for writing an opinion-based essay.   Aligns with Common Core Language Arts Anchor Standards for Reading Informational Text and Speaking and Listening.

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    Matters of Opinion
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    Andrea C. Nakaya
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    Opinion Piece Writing

Written for students ages 8-12 years, "Obesity" is a guidebook to current issues involved with obesity, plus causes, treatments, and solutions. Using colorful graphs, fact filled interpretive sidebars, and comparative analysis, "Obesity" examines opinions, cause and effect, and factors such as emotional appeal in rising health issues relating to increased obesity in both adult and children in the United States. "Obesity" questions whether the rising trends of obesity are the fault of the food industry, whether or not government can help prevent obesity, and weighs the effectiveness of dieting as a treatment for obesity. Students are asked to wrap it up and write their own essays after examining the information and opinions. In addition to the chapters of information and guidelines for essay writing, there is a timeline (noting that the percentage of obese kids in the U. S. has increased from 5 percent in 1971 to 33 percent in 2015), notes on each chapter, a glossary, and a bibliography. "Obesity" is an excellent information mine and stimulus to encourage young readers to develop opinions founded on strong research. Other titles in the "Matters of Opinion" series that are also highly recommended include the following: "Bullying (9781599537542)," by Carla Mooney, "Cell Phones (9781599537559)," by Andrea Nakaya, and "School Violence (9781599537573)," by Toney Allman.

Children's Bookwatch, December 2016

Each volume focuses on a currently controversial issue and presents “Yes/No” arguments on each of three central questions, reminiscent of Opposing Viewpoints (Greenhaven Press). Each volume’s timeline puts the issue in historical context. Each opinion makes liberal use of quoted testimony, and each article is supported by captioned photographs and additional background material. What is most impressive are the footnotes, bibliography, and list of articles that comprise nearly thirty completely cited sources for each book. Each book’s author has carefully crafted arguments that are both persuasive and constructed with the best persuasive techniques and the most egregious logical fallacies. After each set of paired arguments, one of these fallacies is defined and the reader is invited to examine both arguments for examples. Highly Recommended

Library Media Connection, March/April 2015