CCSI for Language Arts

Dear Dragon (Grades K-2)

Dear Dragon's A is for Apple
Dear Dragon Eats Out
Dear Dragon Flies a Kite
Dear Dragon Goes to the Aquarium
Dear Dragon Goes to the Bank
Dear Dragon Goes Camping
Dear Dragon Goes to the Carnival
Dear Dragon Goes to the Dentist
Dear Dragon Goes to the Firehouse
Dear Dragon Goes to Grandpa's Farm
Dear Dragon Goes to Hospital
Dear Dragon Goes to the Library
Dear Dragon Goes to the Market
Dear Dragon Goes to the Police Station
Dear Dragon Goes to the Zoo
Dear Dragon Grows a Garden
Dear Dragon Helps Out
Dear Dragon's Colors 1, 2, 3
Dear Dragon's Fun with Shapes
I Did It, Dear Dragon
It's a Good Game, Dear Dragon
It's Bedtime, Dear Dragon
It's Fall, Dear Dragon
It's Groundhog Day, Dear Dragon
It's Spring, Dear Dragon
It's Summer, Dear Dragon
It's Winter, Dear Dragon
Play, Play, Play, Dear Dragon
Touchdown! Dear Dragon
Up, Up, Up, Dear Dragon
What's in My Pocket, Dear Dragon?
What's in the Pond, Dear Dragon?
What's in the Sky, Dear Dragon?
What's in the Woods, Dear Dragon?
Where is Dear Dragon?

Great Debates (Grades 5-8)

Church and State
Fight for Freedom, The
Lethal Weapons
New Americans
Our Military

A Great Idea (Grades 4-6)

Becoming Invisible: From Camouflage to Cloaks
Bionic Hand, The
Burj Khalifa: The Tallest Tower in the World
The Chunnel
The Great Wall of China
Home Windmills
The Hoover Dam
Hybrid Cars
Jaws of Life, The
The Large Hadron Collider
Lego Toys
Nexi Robot, The
The Panama Canal
Pilotless Planes
The Pyramids of Giza
The Qinghai-Tibet Railway
Recycled Tires
Seed Vault, The
Sunscreen for Plants
Water from Air: Water Harvesting Machines

iScience Level A (Grades 1-2)

Air and Weather: Where'd My Hat Go?
Animal Needs: Who's New at the Zoo?
Balance and Motion: Toying with Gravity
Fabric: It's Got You Covered!
Insects: Which One Doesn't Belong?
New Plants: Seeds in the Soil Patch
Paper from Wood: Dollhouse Decisions
Pebbles, Sand, & Silt: The Neighbor's Garden
Solids and Liquids: Who Messed Up My Sand?
Trees: Worlds within Leaves

iScience Level B (Grades 3-4)

Earth Materials: The Mystery Rocks
Human Body: Train it Right
Magnetism and Electricity: The Broken Toy Car
Matter and Energy: Finding the Power
Measurement: The Measured Mystery
Patterns and Textures: Who Took the Pets?
Sound: Music to our Ears
Structures of Life: What is this Fossil?
Sun, Moon, and Stars: A Cosmic Case
Water: Watch it Change

iScience Level C (Grades 5-6)

Environments: Beetles in the Garden
Food and Nutrition: Eating to Win
Landforms: The Ever-Changing Earth
Levers and Pulleys: Lift Anything!
Living Systems: Life's Inside Story
Mixtures and Solutions: The Sugar in the Tea
Models and Designs: It's a Roller Coaster Ride!
Solar Energy: Saving the School Budget
Variables and Experiments: Getting Across the River
Weather and the Water Cycle: Will it Rain?

Matters of Opinion (Grades 4-6)

Food in Schools
Video Games

MySELF Bookshelf (Grades K-2)

Brown Bear's Dream
Bubbly and Grumpy
The Chirping Band
The Drummer Boy
Friendship Quilt
Green River
Handy Mr. Hippo
Ida's Present
Kanga and Anger
Let's Be Friends
Lulu the Shy Piglet
Mommy and Daddy Love You
My Best Buddy
Oh that Snow!
Ouch! It Stings!
Shooting Stars Soccer Team
The Three Pig Sisters
Tortoise and Hare
We Are Brothers
We Are Proud of You
Who's Coming Tonight?
The Wise Boy
Zippy the Runner

Poetry Builders (Grades 2-4)

Ana and Adam Build an Acrostic
Connor and Clara Build a Concrete Poem
Henry and Hala Build a Haiku
Luke and Leo Build a Limerick
Nina and Nolan Build a Nonsense Poem
Penelope and Pip Build a Prose Poem
Rena and Rio Build a Rhyme
Sophie and Sadie Build a Sonnet

Second Nature (Grades 5-8)

Air Out There, The: How Clean is Clean?
Clear Choices: The Water You Drink
Extreme Environments: Living on the Edge
Man vs. Animal: Species at Risk
Trash Talk: What You Throw Away
Word of Mouth: The Food You Eat

Writing Builders (Grades 2-4)

Ben and Bailey Build a Book
Bridget and Bo Build a Blog
Evan and Erin Build an Essay
Frank and Fiona Build a Fictional Story
Isabella and Ivan Build an Interview
Jesse and Jasmine Build a Journal
Leah and LeShawn Build a Letter
Neil and Nan Build Narrative Nonfiction
Olivia and Oscar Build an Opinion Piece
Rick and Rachel Build a Research Report
Seth and Savannah Build a Speech
Will and Wendy Build a Website with Digital Tools