About Us

Norwood House Press

Norwood House Press is a children's book publisher for grades PK-8. Our mission is to produce informational and fiction books that help kids learn and do well in school and life.  We take pride in the quality of our books and in the support we provide to teachers, librarians and caregivers.

Meet Our Staff

Patti Hall, President and Publisher

Patti started Norwood House Press 10 years ago in her house in Norwood Park, a Chicago neighborhood.  Today, the company has over 1200 product offerings for the library and classroom.  Patti is responsible for product development and day-to-day operations at the office on the Northwest side of Chicago. Her favorite Team Spirit book is The Detroit Pistons because their origins as a company team is such a fascinating story. 

Email: [email protected]

Ashley Hoff, Marketing Manager

Ashley is responsible for a variety of marketing initiatives, including social media, website management, newsletters, catalog production, and advertising.  She started with the company in 2011.  Her favorite books include The Detroit Red Wings because she is a big team fan and the MySELF Bookshelf series because she can read those with her daughter. 

Email: [email protected]

Lisa Walsh, Director of Planning and Production

Lisa joined the Norwood House Press team in 2011, where she started as the office manager. In her current role as Project Manager, she manages book production schedules and publishing projects as they advance through editorial, design, and print. She also manages the company’s tradeshow activity.  Lisa is a loyal Chicago sports fan and it’s no surprise that she counts The Chicago Blackhawks and The Chicago White Sox as her favorite Team Spirit books.

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