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School Violence (Matters of Opinion): The Matters of Opinion series takes a look into important issues that young adults face. In this title, readers explore the pros and cons of several issues related to school violence: who is to blame, school security, and non-violence education. Each book features thought-provoking questions surrounding the issue and provides essays on both the pro and con point of view. As students learn more about the different sides of each issue, they can then start to formulate their own opinions on the topic.  The last chapter encourages the reader to write their own opinion piece and provides guidance for working through the steps of essay writing. Click here for more on this title. 



Lethal Weapons (Great Debates): Of all the issues that divide Americans, none drives them farther apart than the balance between gun rights and gun control. "Lethal Weapons" looks at the history of guns in the U.S., stopping at key moments along the way to examine the great debates that have altered the course of national policy on the right to bear arms. Young readers will discover that the arguments over gun control today are remarkably similar to the social, political, and economic questions that have sparked controversy for more than a century. "Lethal Weapons" engages young readers and provides them with the context and history needed to join the debate on these issues. Click here for more on this title. 


Indivisible: Poems for Social Justice: Anthology including over 50 works of poetry by 20th century writers on issues related to social justice. A poem has the ability to personalize the ideal, to make it tangible in a way that a speech or news report cannot. It can widen the angle through which we view society. It can move us to action. The poems in this anthology do just that: confront, challenge, and inspire. They take us on a journey toward social justice, starting in the shadows and slowly working our way home. *Reviewed by Booklist, School Library Journal, Library Media Connection, Teacher-Librarian and many more! *Selected as Cooperative Children's Book Center Book of the Week and on their 2014 Best of Year list! Click here for more on this title.