Great Debates 25% Off for June!

Immigration, the military, gun control, discrimination - these topics are found in the news cycle on a daily basis. Great Debates covers these issues and more by listening in on both sides of an issue and reflecting on how these debates from the past relate to the debates we are having today. Great Debates is an information-packed series that stimulates critical thinking with tough questions.  And for the month of June, each book is 25% off!

New series - E-Sports: Game On! & First Touch Soccer - available on NetGalley


5 titles from the Fall 2017 collection are available to preview and review on NetGalley! Visit our page ( and request the following titles:

  • E-Sports Game Design (E-Sports: Game On!) Any flashy product can catch somebody’s attention. But it takes a great game design to keep gamers interested.  Read E-Sports Game Design and learn about the  technology used and the importance of developing a good story, characters, graphics, and sound. The best games rise to the top of the E-Sports pyramid, and the legends remain there forever.
  • Professional Gaming Careers (E-Sports: Game On!) Going head-to-head with a group of friends can be a lot of fun. But beating the best gamers in the world can lead to fame and fortune. The growth of E-Sports has put professional gamers on the same stage once occupied solely by athletes. Competitions, sponsorship, and live streams are all part of a lucrative career as a professional gamer.
  • A.C. Milan, LA Galaxy, & Chelsea F.C.  (First Touch Soccer) An introduction to these three soccer clubs. Includes information about the team's history and culture, stadium, star players, uniforms and more. Features photos, vintage trading card reproductions, maps, and records. Includes access to the Extra Time website which provides regularly updated information and photos. Aligns to Common Core State Standards requirements for Reading Informational Text.