National Science Teachers Association Recommends 3-D Printing (Tech Bytes)

Did you know that 3–D printing has been done in space aboard the International Space Station to make tools and that custom candy has been crafted at Hershey’s Chocolate World through 3–D printing? This book stands out with new and engaging information on 3–D printing challenging students and teachers alike to continue reading in an effort to discover the fascinating details related to each fact!

Within four chapters, 3–D Printing captivates readers by inviting them to explore the beginning of 3–D printing, travel through to its present, and finally focus on its promising future. In addition, each chapter includes specific sections with “Did you know” information as well as innovative accounts separated from the regular text. Another extraordinary feature of this book relates to the vivid graphics that are provided throughout its pages. Vibrant, real life images capture representations of these created 3–D objects ranging from piggy banks and clothing to cars and prosthetics. The visuals and detailed descriptions complement each other.

This book can be utilized by elementary and middle school students to provide background information on 3–D printing. Students may complete a timeline highlighting its advancements through the years. Teachers may select this book as a read aloud at the beginning of a unit on inventions/technology or students can read individually. The use of bolded words that are defined in the glossary serves to make concepts clearer and enhance vocabulary. Should teachers or students need more information, the last few pages of the book provide additional resources and websites. This book is definitely worth buying! With current information and stunning visuals, it will certainly arouse students’ curiosity and challenge them to continue exploring the amazing world of 3–D printing. Sept 2016

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