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National Science Teachers Association Recommends 3 Tech Bytes Books


Tech Bytes is a new series focusing on cutting edge technology. These books explores these amazing new technologies and how they are changing the way people perform everyday tasks. Explore the precursors of these inventions, what problems had to be solved along the way, and how these technologies are changing the way we do things and live.

"This book stands out with new and engaging information on 3–D printing challenging students and teachers alike to continue reading in an effort to discover the fascinating details related to each fact!...This book is definitely worth buying! With current information and stunning visuals, it will certainly arouse students’ curiosity and challenge them to continue exploring the amazing world of 3–D printing." NSTA, Sept 2016

"This book serves as a great introduction to robotic exoskeleton and the benefits of wearable robots. Its usefulness in STEM instruction is clear since students can analyze current technology, view how wearable robots are created, and investigate the patterns and precision involved...This book is highly recommended. " NSTA, Oct 2016

"This book encompasses many STEM connections. Not only does it give important scientific information about the eye, but it also helps students see the steps involved in designing artificial eyes. Students will understand that the process includes concepts related to intricate shaping, patterns, calculations, and the use of advanced technology... I would highly recommend this book. " NSTA, Oct 2016