Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 Library Catalog

Our new Library catalog is online! View all 94 of our NEW titles for the fall! There are two new series: Big Picture Sports and Tech Bytes.  There are additions to our popular series, Matters of Opinion.  And introducing the 21st Century Beginning-to-Read titles: popular Margaret Hillert books redesigned with new illustrations for a new generation of beginning readers!



 School Library Connection Recommends Read & Discover

This beginning reading series offers emerging readers a wide selection of nonfiction books. Titles cover the seasons, places to go, character development, holidays, sports, and the natural world. Each book effectively covers the subject matter while using common sight words and vocabulary. The vivid photographs are eye-catching, and complement the text well. Each book contains a word list that will allow students to practice the words with their teachers before reading the book, enabling fluency and comprehension of the material. The books also contain a Reading Reinforcement section, vocabulary builders/suggestions, foundational skills, questions to assess close reading of text, and advice on improving reading fluency. These books are interesting, yet simple enough to allow beginning readers to enjoy what they’re reading. This series is a worthwhile addition to an emerging reader library. Recommended. School Library Connection, May 2016