Introducing Astro the Alien!

Praise for Astro the Alien!

Praise for the series
"Beginning readers will love this series with its attention to detail, inviting narratives, and attention to development of excellent reading skills." — The Midwest Book Review

Review for Astro the Aliens Visits Pond Animals
"Great illustrations! Wonderful detail and color. The book was easy to follow and the characters like able. Great information about the creatures. Kids will love this book! Would highly recommend!" 5 of 5 stars — NetGalley, June 2018

Review for Astro the Aliens Visits Polar Animals
"I applaud this series, clearly designed to educate small children and elementary age children, entertain, and guide in reading comprehension. Using repetition, with each speaker reiterating plus adding to the information given, children learn about animals, and also caring for animals (protectiveness). The included guide helps parents and teachers to promote both comprehension and understanding reading. 5 of 5 stars.” —NetGalley, June 2018

Astro the Aliens Visits Desert Animals
"The Astro the Alien series is absolutely fantastic for beginning readers. The illustrations are great. Astro and his friends are extremely cute and provide kids with a completely fun way to learn to read, expand their vocabulary, learn different facts about animals, geography, the environment, etc...and it does all this in a cute sci-fi sort of way that is great for kids and their active imaginations. I highly recommend this series. 5 of 5 stars.  — NetGalley, June 2018

Astro the Aliens Visits Forest Animals
"Interesting and fun way to learn about animals great illustrations! Fun read for kids! Would recommend. 5 of 5 stars." — NetGalley, June 2018


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Astro landed on earth and now lives in Ben and Eva’s backyard in a space pod. Together they take fun trips so that Astro can learn more about the world he now lives in! Written at a slightly higher level than the introductory Dear Dragon series, Astro the Alien books help early readers build on previous skills; expanding vocabulary and learning more complex concepts. Readers will have fun as they go along on adventures with Astro, Ben and Eva to learn interesting things about science, geography and history! Each book includes a note to caregivers and activities to promote reading success.  

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