The revised and updated iScience series focuses on a fresh and fun approach to scientific inquiry. Each book
offers connections to science in the real world through an iScience puzzle and discover activity.
Through exploration and application, readers will strengthen their critical thinking skills, while also making history
and career connections. Three levels of this series offer increasingly more challenging text and problem solving activities.
Book Features:
• iScience Puzzle
• Hands-on activities
• Career exploration
• Connections to history
• Educators’ Resources available on our website.
Praise from School Library Journal's Series Made Simple:
"This series has books for a variety of grade levels. Some suit the K–2 crowd, while others are better for grades 3–4 or 5–6. The strength of the series is that the format is the same in every book. Each begins with a science puzzle related to the topic. The next section introduces real-world applications of the principles or forces at work, such as magnets, weather, or human body systems. A discovery activity encourages further investigation, while another section traces the topic back in history. As the book is read, details are revealed that help the reader choose the correct solution to the puzzle. A final section discusses more real-life uses or examples. Notes in the back of the books answer questions posed throughout the text (with page references). Photos and diagrams support the text well. VERDICT The format makes this series handy for planning class investigations."


New In The Beginning-To-Read Series! 

The Read & Discover Civics series looks at various ways we apply civic principles to every day
life, such as learning about people in our community and why we have rules and work together.

These nonfiction beginning readers feature engaging, informative text and beautiful full-color photographs, which work together to foster independent reading. Each title teaches content area concepts and vocabulary while reinforcing high-frequency words. Reading reinforcement activities strengthen early literacy skills,
such as understanding the craft and structure of informational text, key vocabulary words, foundation skills, close reading, and fluency.

Book Features:
• Meets C3 Framework Standards for Social Studies.
• Reinforces high frequency words.
• Expands comprehension of informational text.


Praise from School Library Journal's Series Made Simple:
"This beginning reader series uses both common sight words and content area vocabulary to explore social studies concepts. Well-chosen, full-color photographs that align with the subject matter are featured prominently on each page. Accompanying these photographs is easy-to-read font, and pages typically have no more than three short sentences (“People in a community can all work together. They can help their neighbors”). There are a number of helpful tools for teachers and caregivers at the end, including comprehension prompts and suggestions to promote fluency. High-frequency and content vocabulary words are also listed, along with activities to reinforce these. VERDICT These quality titles focusing on civics and economics will be most effectual as part of classroom collections."


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